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Introducing Mind Your Gut

Two IBS experts—a New York Times bestselling author and a renowned GI psychologist—offer a groundbreaking, holistic approach with the most updated research to treating and thriving with IBS.​

IBS affects 45 million Americans; it's also a tricky condition–hard to diagnose, miserable to live with. With the advent of the low FODMAP diet, nutrition is one of the primary treatments--but most folks don't know how to connect the dots between our brain and our gut health. Enter world‑renowned digestive health specialist and registered dietitian Kate Scarlata, and prominent GI psychologist Dr. Megan Riehl; their new book provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to IBS. Mind Your Gut shares valuable information on:

  • The gut, brain, and food connection

  • Stress overload – its heavy impact on IBS  

  • Easy to implement, symptom-specific interventions

  • Nutrition remedies to calm your belly and maximize your gut health

  • How to make healthy food choices in a food-fear and weight-obsessed culture

  • IBS mimickers and when to re-examine your symptoms with your doctor

  • And more

Offering everything from science‑based interventions, targeted mind‑gut behavioral strategies (such as body relaxation methods and stress management skills), as well as delicious gut-soothing recipes and nutrition tips, Mind Your Gut combines diet and behavioral interventions for a full toolbox of therapeutic options for your IBS. 

The Dynamic Duo (and Co-authors)

Dr. Riehl and Kate have spent their careers working with people living with IBS (and many other GI conditions) to empower them with evidence-based behavior and nutrition strategies that make meaningful differences in health and wellness. They are thrilled to share aspects of those treatments throughout the pages Mind Your Gut and look forward to sharing the Dream Team approach with each and every reader!

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